GR10-Xtrem -English-



We have to inform you that the GR10-Xtrem will not be held on the date announced. The organisation has considered that the minimum requirements necessary to hold this mythical ultra once again, at least in the short term, are not currently met.


After eight editions we have seen how our race has evolved and we are satisfied with the fact that the participants have been our best ambassadors, being the ones who have been the driving force for the race. Unfortunately, we have found deficiencies that we will not be able to rectify in the short term, and we believe that the race has to maintain a minimum of quality, safety and respect for the environment where it takes place.


We also want to recover the original meaning of the GR10-Xtrem. Crossing Valencia from the sea to its inland territories following the red and white marks of the GR10, in its original route, and in semi-sufficiency.


We will get the GR10-Xtrem that we want, and that the participants deserve. That’s why we are taking a space of time to find solutions and to present a ninth edition that fulfils more than a minimum of conditions to satisfy both runners and the organisation.


See you, stay connected.